When we designed the Penthouse, our aim was not to create a house, but rather to outline an alongshore lifestyle.
The sea, the Monte Conero, the sand so close to your feet, the lively attitude of a town like Civitanova Marche were the perfect surroundings to achieve a great result, and it was up to us to keep up with the challenge.
This is how one of the best architectures of the Adriatic coast originated; it is intended to be a model to live in, and a reference point within the real estate investments in Italy.
A house where living means having the best standard of comfort, customisation and, obviously, landscape.
Penthouse is waking up every morning looking at the sea.

  • After that magic moment when my eyes were opened to the sea, I was no longer able to see, think, and live as before.

    Jacques-Yves Cousteau
  • Italy encompasses the world in one with its landscapes, and so does the Marche Region embracing all Italy in one. […] A leisure journey along Marches guides to discover its wonders

    Guido Piovene
  • Home is where your heart is.

    Gaio Plinio Secondo

  • viale Quattro Novembre, 122 - 62012 Civitanova Marche
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